Posted Mon, 12 May 2014 20:50:38 GMT by DENNIS STILLER

I am using arial narrow as my default font for dimensions and text. Shows up fine for dim's, but the labels don't work. For some reason the resulting text looks similar to a roman s font ( thin lines & stretched wide). If I open the label window for editing, the text (in the window) displays proper as arial narrow. Printouts are not right either. See attached file. Any hints for a fix are greatly appreciated.

Attachment: arial narrow.png

Posted Tue, 13 May 2014 16:24:59 GMT by Janet Black Graitec CANADA Advance Steel Specialist



Hi Dennis,

The reason your section labels do not work might be that the text file (Arial Narrow) is missing or corrupt. Try reinstalling AutoCAD and Advance Steel. This should fix your issue for both your section view cut labels and your text.

Best Regards,

Janet Black


Janet Black

Posted Wed, 14 May 2014 20:51:03 GMT by DENNIS STILLER

My station is brand new, so AutoCAD is ok. I reinstalled Advance Steel. The font does not show up properly with and without my customized databases. I had my coworker try it on his station. The first line of text changed and showed up properly, the remaining lines of text did not. Could this be a glitch in Advance Steel? The font does show up properly when using AutoCAD commands such as DTEXT and MTEXT. Only in advance steel's Label and symbol window it causes problems. For the time being I will have to use a different font as I am falling behind with my project.

If anybody cares to try this on their station, please post whether arial narrow displays and prints properly.


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