Posted Sat, 17 Mar 2012 15:22:21 GMT by
I built up a user section made from 2 IPE300 sections and section properties Sy and Sz are empty, but during the steel check program wrote , that he need these properties. Why are these fields empty? On the other side, I put these properties handly (hardly calculate), steel check was correct, but when I close the program and open again these Sy and Sz properties are again empty. What is wrong? Thans for your answers. I use AD2012.
Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2012 09:10:38 GMT by Victor Seiculescu Graitec Roumanie SRL


Please send us the model at for a furtherinvestigation (we need the .adb file located in the folder  “data” of your model  or use the “Technical support” option from themenu bar under “?” and it will generate an archive with the necessary files).

Meanwhile you can do as follows in order to avoid deletingthese properties:

-open the used cross section properties window and enter thecorresponding values of the reduced shear areas (fill the Sy and Sz cells) forthe compound cross-section. Validate each entered value with the "Enter" key.

-select the elements which have already assigned thiscompound cross-section, and from their properties window re-assign thiscross-section (see the attached image).

After doing the above steps, the Sy and Sz properties  for the compound cross-section will remain asthey were.

Best regards

Attachment: compound cross section.rar

Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2012 15:18:10 GMT by Victor Seiculescu Graitec Roumanie SRL


 I have another solution that can suits you, specially whenyou’ll use cross-sections that can be used also in another projects. Here iswhat you’ll have to do:

-         Open the used cross-sections window (Menu Bar> Edit > Used cross sections);

-         Click on “Add” button and click on the “User”tab;

-         Create the desired user cross-section (compoundcross-section in your case) using the Section generator tool (please consult thefollowing FAQ regarding this subject: can choose to create the user cross section in the “European Profiles”library in order to link this library to every standard contour.

-         After creating the compound cross-section,before exporting it to Advance Design library, fill the Sy and Sz values (these values cannot be automatically calculated, since no formulas were provided by Eurocode 3).

-         When this section is ready to use and it is importedin the used sections list, you can assign it to the desired elements.

I hope that this will help you.


Posted Mon, 19 Mar 2012 18:14:19 GMT by
thanks a lot, it works I thing the first post. For the second one I have no time, maybe later.

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