Posted Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:17:17 GMT by Sebastijan Boskovic Sebastijan Boskovic

We are experiencing strange behavior of reinforcement solution for columns. It seems that there is some strange rule for orientation/rotation of solution within a column.

For example we have made 1 column and copied it two times, and then edited one of dimensions of columns. So we have 3 columns with dimensions 30x25cm, 40x25cm and 60x25cm (only difference between them is name and one of dimensions). Then we applied standard solution “Column 2 stirrups – asymmetric” to first column with all default values. Then with “Copy Dynamic Reinforcement” we applied same solution to other 2 columns. And in the end we have made reinforcement drawing with front elevation and top section and all of columns have different orientation/rotation of solution.


-neither of columns is rotated

-behavior is same for all solutions for columns

Attachment: advance

Posted Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:08:50 GMT by Cristian Podaru Autodesk Romania

It seems that this behaviour can only be reproduced on Advance Concrete 2013 (SP1/SP2). I tested this issue on Advance Concrete 2014 and it works fine. Until the software version is updated, as a workaround, hooks can be manually dragged to the desired position.

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