Posted Fri, 18 Apr 2014 22:00:56 GMT by Jobbágy Dávid


I've created a reinforcement cut from a top view on reinforcement  drawing. I couldn't modify the extension of the cut. Is it possible?-I want to modify both vertical and horizontal the extension. I tried to select the cut and searched for "cut options" but i found nothing. When i create a section cut from the model it's easy to modify section cut properties (extension to).

Another: if i hide bar distributions in a view is it possible to "bring it up" later?

Thank you!

Posted Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:22:29 GMT by Marian Bandzak

Hello David,

You camn modify properties of manual reinforcement section in diaog of properties of the drawing - select "properties" from context menu of the section drawing in the pilot. Ther, in the second tab "display parameters" you can see a scheme ofall your views on the drawing, just click on the one you need to modify and make your changes. Remark: If you want to delete the section, you ned to use the dedicated function "delete reinforcement section" (grtcrebardeleteview), not just simple delete key.

If you hide the distribution on the drawing, you can display it again by selecting the definition bar and from its context menu select option "display hidden reinforcement".





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