Posted Fri, 04 Nov 2016 19:20:11 GMT by Lawrence Puckett
I have recently updated Advance Steel 2017 to
2017.1, as well as updating AutoCAD 2017 to the
same. However, this has been met with some
interesting results. I tend to use both 2D
Wireframe and Conceptual visual styles the most.
However, any orbit or pan or even zoom
command causes an alert window to appear in
the bottom right hand corner of the screen, 3D
Display Performance Notification. This window
contains a link to the VISUALSTYLES Command.
Upon following this link I'm taken to the Help file
for the command. It lists a few System Variables
to set when using certain View Styles. I've set
these system variables while in the view styles as
shown in the help file, but still get the same
display performance notification.

I've also found that while using the Conceptual
visual style if I save the model, half of the what
was visible is turned off and is not visible
anymore. I have to use the All Visible command
in the Quick Views Tool Pallet.

Both of these issues are new to the recent
updates to both programs, Advance Steel 2017,
and AutoCAD 2017. Prior to updating the
programs yesterday, I did not have this problem.
Both issues are inconvenient and can be worked
around or ignored, however, this creates two
programs that are no longer fully functional.
How do I solve this issue without reverting back
to the programs as they were before the update
and regain full functionality of both programs?
Posted Tue, 08 Nov 2016 17:24:11 GMT by Janet Black Graitec Inc. Advance Steel Specialist
Dear Lawrence,As per our telephone call moments ago. This is a known issue when saving in a shaded mode that you can no longer see some objects. I tell clients to work as much in 2D wireframe as this does not happen. I use the regen command or as you said what worked for you is to use the all visible tool.You said that this is happening since you upgraded the AutoCAD 2017. This might be CAD related and Autodesk needs to know. According to Autodesk it is a known issue with unfortunately,the only true workaround is to uninstall the update 1Best Regards,Janet

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