The External drawing technology, available starting with Autodesk Advance Concrete 2013, comes to support the users with a variety of specific commands and options. These tools improve the management of connections between the master model and the external drawings. They also contribute to a more flexible and operative workflow for large projects.

One of these specific functionalities is the "Refresh" option from the Pilot. Through it, the external drawings are updated with the newest changes of project settings, made in the master model.

Changes that need to be synchronised through the Refresh option concern Project Preferences, Representation styles, Units, Material catalogs, Bar catalogs, Geometry libraries etc. All these characteristics have been grouped in the "Manage" ribbon from the software:

What is the role of the Refresh option from the Pilot?

The option becomes available in the top-left side of the Pilot, in the "Drawings" module, when a view is activated after changing one of the settings mentioned above.

For example, a parameter from the representation style for reinforcement drawings is changed in master model:

What is the role of the Refresh option from the Pilot?

After the change is validated, when activating a view from the project by double-clicking on its name from the Pilot, the Refresh buton will become available:

What is the role of the Refresh option from the Pilot?

By clicking on the button, the current settings of the view are updated, in correspondence with the changes that were applied in the master model.

After completing the Refresh process, the option will be removed from the Pilot, as an indication of the fact that the synchronisation has been finalized.

This functionality can be used in "Documents" mode identically. If a change has been made in any of the project settings, the Refresh button will be available when a layout is activated:

What is the role of the Refresh option from the Pilot?

Similar to the case of views from "Drawings" mode, the Refresh button needs to be used for synchronising the settings from the model and layout; when the process is completed, the option will disappear from the Pilot.