The issue of the interstorey drift

EN 1998-1 imposes the verification of level displacement for the seismic combinations:

The level displacement is limited to:

  • n ≤ 0,005 h,
  • n ≤ 0,0075 h,
  • n ≤ 0,010 h.

Depending on the nature of non-structural elements attached to the structure.

The Advance Design solution

Advance Design automates the verification of the interstorey drift.

To do this, the following actions need to be performed:

  • Activate the "Level" option of the systems;
  • Define/check the elevations
  • Define the levels’ numbering.

The table summarizing the level drift verification is available, after the seismic calculation, in the category "Seismic results by mode" / "Level drift verification for seismic combinations".

When editing the table cases/combinations list, it is necessary to select the “ECELUS” seismic combinations.

The following table appears:

If the verification fails, the “Incorrect” notification appears in red in order to facilitate the analysis.

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