Surely you have heard about the common square or rectangular reinforced concrete column shapes but how about a trapezoidal or triangular cross section shape? You may never know what heights the imagination of the architect can reach.

Advance BIM Designers helps in covering the gap between the artistic spirit of the architect and the pragmatic engineer for whom the common square, rectangular and circular shapes may be enough.

Advance BIM Designers comes with no less than 8 different column types which are automatically reinforced before you could say “BIM”.

Common concrete column types

Figure 1 Common concrete column types

Special concrete column types

Figure 2 Special concrete column types

L and T-shaped concrete column types

Figure 3 L and T-shaped concrete column types

More than that, each column shape can be reinforced in different ways depending the density of longitudinal bars on each side. Let’s take them one by one:

Square column

Square column reinforcement types

Figure 4 Square column reinforcement types

Rectangular column

Rectangular column reinforcement types

Figure 5 Rectangular column reinforcement types

Circular column

Circular column reinforcement types

Figure 6 Circular column reinforcement types

Triangular column

Triangular column reinforcement types

Figure 7 Triangular column reinforcement types

Trapezoidal column

Trapezoidal column reinforcement types

Figure 8 Trapezoidal column reinforcement types


Hexagonal column

Hexagonal column reinforcement

Figure 9 Hexagonal column reinforcement


T-shaped column

T-shaped column reinforcement types

Figure 10 T-shaped column reinforcement types

L-shaped column

L-shaped column reinforcement types

Figure 11 L-shaped column reinforcement types

The functionality of automatic reinforcing common and exotic column shapes is available also when working in Revit environment. Advance BIM Designers kit comes with already created structural columns Revit native families for each shape previously mentioned.

Different concrete column types automatically reinforced in Revit with Advance BIM Designers add-on

Different concrete column types automatically reinforced in Revit with Advance BIM Designers add-on

Figure 12 Different concrete column types automatically reinforced in Revit with Advance BIM Designers add-on 

In conclusion, unless you would want to calculate concrete columns star or heart-shaped, Advance BIM Designers offers you the tools to be the open-minded engineer any architect will wish to work with.

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